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Event Name: 8th German Soccer Championship
Date(s) of the event: Sat 25 May
Start date 
 Never  Daily  Weekly  Monthly
This is a one-day event
Event Start Time: 8.30am
Event End Time: 6.30pm
Event Admission: FREE
Related Venue: British School of Beijing, Shunyi 北京英国学校

Related Venue Detail

Venue Name: British School of Beijing, Shunyi 北京英国学校
Phone: 8047 3558
Open: 8.30am-4pm Mon-Fri
Metro: Metro: International Exhibition Centre
English address: South Side, 9 Anhua Lu, Tianzhu Development Zone, Shunyi district
Chinese address: 顺义区安华街9号南院
Map Location:

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