'On the Kang' Photo Exhibit and Book Sale

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Jiali Gallery , 4 Beijixiang hutong Sun 23 Apr 2017 Free

This event has now passed.

Photographer Gilles Sabrie and the Children of Madaifu NGO host a standalone charity event at Jiali Gallery. The event features an exhibition of work from Sabrie's On the Kang series of portraits from Gansu, plus a 100-page book of photos from the series. The book and prints will both be available for sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to Children of Madaifu, which helps to financially support the education of orphans in Gansu and Shaanxi. Here's Sabrie's self-introduction of the project:

'This is my second project with Children of Madaifu. The first time we worked together, ten years ago, I had just arrived in China. I had then to focus on these children living in the most dire poverty, bravely carrying their heavy backpacks up and down the dusty mountain paths winding through the loess terraces, coming back from school to help their grandparents, uncles and aunts in the fields. Ten years have gone by. The dusty mountain paths are now tarmacked roads; cement has replaced the traditional cob. Ten years, during which many assignments have taken me to these homes in rural China where an unexpected foreign guest is sure to be welcomed with a bowl of noodles; where every greeting outstretched hand is holding out a cigarette. Precious moments, spent sitting on the kang, this heated platform, the home’s hearth and heart, serving both as a bed and a living-room. Upon returning to these barren lands, photographing my hosts on the kang became the obvious thing to do. Sitting there they show a dignity that society denies them. An embroidered piece of fabric, a world map, duvets carefully folded or rolled up, pictures of landscapes from the Yellow Mountains to the Maldives, roaring tigers and chubby babies, family portraits…these details surrounding them tell us their stories, their aspirations, their customs. They are a window to the home’s soul. A true treasure, in a life of destitution.'
Date: Sun 23 Apr 2017
Event admission: FREE
Venue name: Jiali Gallery
Open: 2pm-7pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or visit by appointment
Mobile: 138 1022 9370
English address: 4 Beijixiang hutong, Jiaodaokou Nandajie, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 交道口南大街,北吉祥胡同4号,东城