Land of the Lustrous

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UCCA Dune , Beidaihe Tue 23 Apr - Sun 08 Sep

This event has now passed.

The summer exhibition at UCCA's seaside venue in Beidaihe, Land of the Lustrous aims to reignite viewers' dormant cultural memories. The most ordinary of objects, stone has nevertheless enjoyed pride of place in the founding myths of numerous civilisations. In subsequent folklore, its role has continuously changed, adapting to the particular cultural and social realities of each era. Stone can serve as a tablet for scripture, the birthplace of a deity, a protective talisman for the body, and a site for the gaze to fix itself. Each artwork in this exhibition relates – materially or formally – to stone, approaching this age-old material with fresh perspectives.

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Date: Tue 23 Apr - Sun 08 Sep
Event admission: TBC
Venue name: UCCA Dune
English address: Aranya Gold Coast, Beidaihe, Hebei province
Chinese address: 河北省秦皇岛市昌黎县阿那亚黄金沙岸社区
  • 4 out of 5 stars