Artist Talk: My Arts My Life with Ren Shuai

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Photo: BACA Art Centre
BACA Art Centre (BACA艺术中心) , 28 Andingmendong Dajie Sat 24 Aug 2019 Free

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Ren Shuai has his own opinion on ‘value’, the value of objects, the value of people, and mutual influence of various values, just as ‘internet celebrity’ and ‘culture of internet celebrities’ have brought great influence to the world. In the work ‘Buy’, Ren Shuai is putting forward a problem that directly hits the public's heart: live broadcast by internet celebrities, super style of internet celebrities, these constantly refresh and stimulate our demand for material life; do we still have our own soul now? What exactly are we buying? Is this each label really what we need?

Nook Gallery at BACA Art Centre is a new addition to the Beijing art scene and is located within the second ring road of Beijing, near Yonghe Temple. The Centre is a unique platform to promote emerging contemporary artists, as well as being an experimental space for exhibition, performance and film. BACA Art Centre and Nook Gallery also hold art workshops and short courses, taught in English by Art and Design professionals and suitable for all ages. To register, please add their WeChat: bacaartcentre
Date: Sat 24 Aug 2019
Time: 2-4pm
Event admission: FREE
Venue name: BACA Art Centre (BACA艺术中心)
WeChat: bacaartcentre
Metro: Beijing
English address: Unit 125, Level one, Block B, Yonghe Tower, 28 Andingmendong Dajie, Dongcheng District
Chinese address: 北京市东城区安定门东大街28号雍和大厦B座125室
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