Breaking the Monolith: A Journey through African Cinema

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Afrika Week Screening
Red Rose , 1 Xingfuyicun 7th Alley Wed 22 May

This event has now passed.

Sembéne!, a film by Samba Gadjigo and Jason Silverman, paints an intimate portrait of Ousmane Sembéne, often hailed as the 'Father of African cinema'. Ousmane garnered international recognition through works such as La noire de…(1966), Ceddo (1977) and Moolade (2004), and his artistic legacy continues to redefine and reshape the African narrative. Join moderator Bonsuk Awani and Professor Samba Gadjigo, co-director of Sembéne! (joining via live stream from the US), as they engage in a dialogue about the roots of identity and African and Afro-diasporic art in the modern era. Click here for tickets.
Date: Wed 22 May
Time: 6-10pm
Event admission: 60RMB
Venue name: Red Rose
Open: 11.30am-2am daily
Mobile: 158 0106 7902
English address: 1 Xingfuyicun 7th Alley, Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 朝阳区工体北路幸福一村西里七巷子一号
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