Megan Leavey

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megan leavey
Cinemas around Beijing , Fri 11 May - Fri 08 Jun
Megan Leavey tells the story of American marine Megan Leavey and her bomb-sniffing dog Rex, from the time they served together in Afghanistan, to the time after when Leavey struggles to adopt Rex. While the not-so-subtle American politics and flag-waving might be a bother, the core of this story is about the bond between a woman and her faithful, furry companion.

Release details

Rating: 7.1
Release date: 2018-05-11
Genre: Drama,War,Biography
Language: English
Running time: 116 minutes

Cast and crew

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite
Cast: Kate Mara
Ramon Rodriguez
Tom Felton