Spy Cat (Marnie's World)

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Spy Cat
Photo: Scopas Medien
Cinemas around Beijing , Fri 15 Nov - Sun 15 Dec
A young, pampered house cat has never left her house and only knows of the world beyond their doors through her favourite detective crime show on TV. One day, her owner's brother pays them a visit and lures the naive cat into a box promising a leading role as a special agent on a secret mission, just like her idol. The young cat jumps at the opportunity but finds herself lost in the middle of an intersection. Soon she is joined by an assortment of characters and together they hijack a runaway vehicle and get blamed as the thieves who stole the art pieces in the vehicle. Now Marnie and her friends must find a way to restore their name and, for Marnie, head back home.
Date: Fri 15 Nov - Sun 15 Dec
Time: Various-various
Venue name: Cinemas around Beijing
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  • 4 out of 5 stars