Joe Satriani

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Tango , 79 Hepingli Xijie Thu 16 Feb 2017

This event has now passed.

Guitar maverick Satriani is often trailed with the coldly businesslike tagline ‘the world’s most commercially successful solo guitar performer’, but a quote he gave ahead of the release of his 2015 album Shockwave Supernova suggested he was a more untethered soul. ‘I realised that I was playing the guitar with my teeth an awful lot,’ he said, ‘which is not something I do as part of my everyday playing style. I thought: Why are you doing this? You’re just scraping the enamel off your teeth.’ Who knows whether he’ll be using his fangs to pluck his instrument or not by the time he arrives in Beijing, but you’re unlikely to see a better guitarist in the city all year either way. If you can afford the mildly gross ticket price, that is.
Date: Thu 16 Feb 2017
Time: 7pm-late
Event admission: 800RMB
Venue name: Tango
Open: till late
English address: 79 Hepingli Xijie, Dongcheng district
Chinese address: 东城区和平里西街79号糖果三层