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F Jabloski
Lantern , Fri 31 May

This event has now passed.

Michal Jablonski performs at Lantern come May 31. Born in Warsaw, Jablonski has been closely associated with the club culture of the capital of Poland for over a dozen years. The heavy sounds extracted from the black plastic disc inspired him to do more, to go a step further and create his own music. Seeking inspiration in crowded cities, he is always focused on creating original productions, a rich mixture of dense industrial atmosphere, off beats sounds and monumental film music.
Date: Fri 31 May
Time: 10.30pm-7am
Event admission: 80RMB; 50RMB (presale)
Venue name: Lantern
WeChat: lanternclubbeijing
Open: 9pm-6.30am daily
English address: 100m north of the Workers' Stadium west gate, (in the basement behind Xuxianlou Restaurant) Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 工体西门向北100米(许仙楼餐厅后侧地下)
  • 4 out of 5 stars