Mozart, L'Opera Rock

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Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre (天桥艺术中心) , Tianqiao Nandajie 22 Feb , 23-24 Feb
Original songs and Mozart classics combine in this dazzling show that follows a dramatisation of Mozart's life, exploring the music and the man that became immortal. Original songs include 'Le bien qui fait mal' ('The good thing that hurts') and 'Tatoue-moi' ('Tattoo me'), using the composer's melodies with a passionate rock twist.

Le bien qui fait mal via qq
Date: 22 Feb , 23-24 Feb
Time: 7.30-9.30pm (22 Feb), 2.30-4.30pm , 7.30-9.30pm (23-24 Feb)
Event admission: 180-1,180RMB
Venue name: Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre (天桥艺术中心)
English address: Building 9 Tianqiao Nandajie Xicheng
Chinese address: 西城区天桥南大街9号楼