The Three-Body Problem: Part 1

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Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre (天桥艺术中心) , Tianqiao Nandajie Thu 26 Sep 2019 - Sat 28 Sep 2019

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Lotus Lee drama studio is the exclusive drama producer of Liu Cixin’s Hugo awards winning science fiction book series The Three-Body Problem.The company invested a large sum of money into creating a 3D science fiction drama The Three-body problem, that has been performed in June 2016, at SAIC Shanghai Cultural Square, shocking the audience. It became 2016 annual box office absolute champion and finished the first round of the tour in first and second tier cities nationwide, that was widely praised by all circles of the society.

The show follows the story of the heroin Ye Wenjie who after going through many of the hardships of life is recruited into 'Red Coast Base', a top-secret military base. She uses the sun as a transmitter and sends a message to the Universe, making a breakthrough in the search for extraterrestrial civilisation.

Three stars move unpredictably, so for four light years Trisolaran civilization underwent total destruction and rebirth and now forced to flee from their parent star; just at this time, they receive a message from the Earth. Ye Wenjie, who lost her hope for humankind, exposes the Earth coordinates to Trisolarans, thus absolutely changing the fate of mankind!

36 years later, the Earth's basic scientific research faces abnormal interference, nanomaterials researcher Wang Miao tries to find the answers by playing a mystical online game called 'Three-body'; while participating at player’s meeting, he finds out that the Earth is awaiting the arrival of Trisolarans and they established a secret organisation ETO (Earth-Trisolaris Organization), approaching the truth of Trisolaran world step by step.

Earth defense organization operation centre in China approves Operation Guzheng to stop the ETO Adventists in disruption of the human sciences and other fields through conspiracy, discovering that due to the danger of destruction and in order to get stable living environment Trisolarans have already started to invade the Earth, the whole human civilisation is facing the upcoming catastrophe of colonisation.
Date: Thu 26 Sep 2019 - Sat 28 Sep 2019
Time: 7.30-9.30pm , 7.30-9.30pm , 2-4pm , 7.30-9.30pm
Event admission: 180-792RMB (adv), 180-880RMB
Venue name: Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre (天桥艺术中心)
English address: Building 9 Tianqiao Nandajie Xicheng
Chinese address: 西城区天桥南大街9号楼
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