Magic Drama: One Starry Night and Out of the Blue

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The Future Theatre , 11 Yuyuantan South Road Haidian Beijing Beijing Sun 10 Nov

This event has now passed.

During the summer vacation, the little girl Lena goes to visit her grandpa. Grandpa loves Lena very much but sometimes disappears down a rabbit hole with each stroke of his brush. Lena has no passion towards painting, and is not interested in the painting album that Grandpa sent as well. She feels a little bored.

One night, after grandpa falls asleep, Lena falls down her own hole into a hidden world of classical paintings. Guided by the fireflies flying out of the album, she gets on a moon boat. She sails through the Starry Night created by Van Gogh, and enters a fascinate world, the magic gallery, where the paintings are brought to life. She meets the gallery guard, and together they encounter collapsing Kandinsky, magical Monet and Da Vinci; they also help to capture an escaped ermine, play red-light-green-light with Mona Lisa.
Date: Sun 10 Nov
Time: 10.30am-12.30pm , 3.30-5.30pm
Event admission: 180-480RMB
Venue name: The Future Theatre
English address: 11 Yuyuantan South Road Haidian Beijing Beijing
Chinese address: 玉渊潭南路11号 海淀区 北京 北京
  • 4 out of 5 stars