Fly a Plane Above the Great Wall

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flying lessons
Beijing Badaling Airport , 1 Hangkong Lu, Badalingzhen (八达岭镇航空路1号 ) Yanqing Beijing Beijing Fri 12 Jan - Mon 31 Dec
Learn how to pilot an SR20 while soaring over stunning Beijing landscapes. During your 15 minute lesson, a flight instructor will teach you how to takeoff, ascend, dive, hover, circle and descend. Students can customise the whole flight and how much they want to control the plane. The flight instructor will also takeover from time to time so that passengers can snap photos of Beijing's scenery, whether it's the Great Wall, Kangxi steppe or Yeyahu Wetland Park.

The plane can fit up to three passengers. With one to two passengers, both can have a go flying the plane, with three passengers, only the passenger in the front seat can fly the plane.
Date: Fri 12 Jan - Mon 31 Dec
Time: various-various
Event admission: 1,980RMB
Venue name: Beijing Badaling Airport
English address: 1 Hangkong Lu, Badalingzhen (八达岭镇航空路1号 ) Yanqing Beijing Beijing
Chinese address: 八达岭镇航空路1号 延庆县 北京 北京