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Beijing Hikers , Building A, 4F 4012, 10 Jiuxianqiao Zhong Lu Sun 23 Apr 2017

This event has now passed.

Recent years have seen interest in rugged Great Wall hikes peak, as more and more visitors seek a more authentic experience away from the super-restored stretches of Badaling and Mutianyu. Besides lacking the gift shops, accessibility and plentiful KFCs of their contemporaries, sections such as Gubeikou and the untouched Jiankou – viewed by many as the purest, most spectacular and most dangerous section – are also without the abundant rubbish bins, a fact that has seen them become plagued by littering.

'Unfortunately, both hikers and casual visitors are not always conscientious about cleaning up after themselves,' Beijing Hikers’ Hayden Opie tells us. 'The Great Wall on the west side of Jiankou has been somewhat spoiled by the buildup of trash, including plastic bottles, cans, tissues, noodle wrappers and worse.'

Since 2009, the Hikers have hosted their annual cleanup hike to coincide with the global environmental awareness celebration of Earth Day (April 22), giving amateur ramblers the opportunity to take a safe, expert-guided trek across wild wall, all while doing their bit for Mother Earth.

Over the course of the 6km hike, trash-walkers will be stopping to pick up as many errant plastic packages, metal cans, cigarette butts and whatnot as possible, with the Hikers providing plastic gloves, bin bags and water, as well as transport to and from Jiankou. You’ll have to bring your own mid-hike snacks; we don’t
recommend the week-old fish jerky you might find up there.

This year, they’re teaming up again with the guys from Gung Ho! for a post-hike dinner and drinks at their quite literal pizza hut, not far from the foot of the Jiankou wall.

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Date: Sun 23 Apr 2017
Time: 7:30am-afternoon
Event admission: 150RMB-200RMB
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Venue name: Beijing Hikers
Open: Office hours: 9am-6pm Monday–Friday
English address: Galaxy Building Building A, 4F 4012, 10 Jiuxianqiao Zhong Lu
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