Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners)

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Jing , 8 Goldfish Lane Thu 20 Apr - Sun 07 May
Will Pickvance’s Anatomy of the Piano (for Beginners) is, quite simply, for everyone who has ever been dragged to a piano lesson, whether long ago or more recently. The show breathtakingly captures the curious joy found only in an explorative tinkle on a piano, with warmth and humour.
Date: Thu 20 Apr - Sun 07 May
Time: 19:30-various , 17:00-various , 14:30-various , 10:30-various , 19:00-various
Event admission: 230-630RMB
Venue name: Jing
Open: Breakfast: 6am-10am (Mon-Fri) 6am-10:30am (Sat-Sun). Lunch: 12am–2:30pm, Dinner: 6pm–10:30p
English address: The Peninsula Hotel, 8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing, Dongcheng
Chinese address: 东城区王府井金鱼胡同8号