Kids' Eye View: classes with Atelier

We invite Atelier students to talk more about their classes and why they like it

Image: courtesy of Atelier
With so many activities happening around Beijing, how do we know what the kids would like? In our series Kids' Eye View, we're letting the kids be the judge of that!

For this Kids' Eye View, we get Hortense and Leonore to review two of Atelier's classes and share with us what to expect.
*All photos from Atelier.

Who: Hortense, a 7th grader at Beijing 55 High School who has been attending Atelier's drawing and painting class.


How long have you been attending Atelier's classes?
I have been at Atelier for almost three years. Each class is about very different things. We basically learn about different artists every class and paint in their style. I think it's really cool to be learning about artists and art culture like this. Instead of taking notes, we paint like the artist and understand what their paintings might mean.

Did you like drawing or painting before attending the class? How have you improved since?
I’ve always liked drawing and painting, but never really at a high level. When I started the class, my skills not only got better but also my knowledge of art and history has improved quite a bit, all by painting .


Who is your favourite artist and why?
My favorite artist has always been Rembrandt, I really like this artist because I think he is interesting and his self-portraits are really well painted. My favorite painting by him is The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, 1633 but sadly the painting is still missing after the robbery from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990.

Can you tell us a bit about your teachers?
The teachers are very nice and specialise in different art styles. My teacher right now is a man from France who specialises in watercolour. Most teachers speak at least two languages, which is good in communicating with different students.

What do you wish your classes had more of?
I wish we had more classes of painting landscapes like mountains and fields. I think that's what I like painting the most.


Would you invite your friends to come to your class?
I would definitely like to invite my friends over for a trial class. In fact, that's how my sister and discovered Atelier. It's a fun first-time experience, and it is different from the art classes we have in school.


Who: Leonore, a Fab Labs makers student at Atelier

What are your classes about?
In my classes, I learned to use mechanical tools to build robots.

How long have you been going?
Eight to 10 classes, I do not remember exactly.

Can you tell us about some of the machines that you have used and what you have used them for?
I have used the woodcutter, to cut wood into shapes that could never have been cut by hand and a wood engraver to draw patterns onto wood.


Which has been your favourite and why?
The wood cutter because it cuts really neatly.

Have you already done any experiments in class? If yes, which one has been your favourite and why?
We have not made any experiments yet, except maybe with magnets, but it was not a true experiment.

Do you enjoy your classes?
I love my classes because I learn something new every time.


Have you already built something? Can you tell us more about it?
Yes, I have built a harp and an airplane. The harp can play music, and the airplane has a little engine that rotates. We use special batteries to power the engine.

How are your teachers? Can you tell us a bit about them?
My teacher is very nice. He always helps me whenever I need help.


What was your last class like? We have started a new unit called City of Lights. We are building a structure with real lights which the teacher has explained step by step.

What do you wish your classes had more of?
Nothing really, I love it this way.


Would you invite your friends to come to your class?
I would love to but unfortunately, I do not think my friends are interested in mechanics.

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