Kids' Eye View: Squash classes with the Elite Squash Academy

8-year-old Hriday shares his experience on playing Squash for the first time

Our Kids' Eye View section is where we invite kids to review events and places around the city for other kids to try. This week, our kid reviewer shares about the Elite Squash Academy's Squash classes. For more stories by kids for kids around the city, click here.

A few weeks ago, the Elite Squash Academy offered Time Out Family readers a chance for the family to try their hand at Squash, a game that involves two to four players alternatively striking a small, hollow ball against the four walls of a court. So we invited the Rajput family to try out this family sport. Here, we have eight-year-old Hriday from Beijing City International School sharing with us his experience.


Could you tell us about your activity?
I went to Hilton hotel on 2 March for a training class of Squash and I enjoyed playing it. My favorite thing about Squash was throwing the ball and hitting the ball.

How are your teachers and can you tell us a bit about them?
The Squash teachers' names were Gabriel and Alex. The teachers were very nice and playful. The teachers spoke clearly in English, and I could understand their instructions properly.

IMG_1240 (1)

How were the facilities?
The facilities were very good, the room was big and the rackets were nice and easy to play with.

Have you tried Squash before? Can you tell us a bit about your class?
I did not know there was a game called Squash before coming here so I did not know how to play Squash. I learned how to play Squash after training from the teachers. I also learned the rules of squash, how to hold the racket and how to score points in the game. The teachers provided enough details in the class and it was easy to understand and play.

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Would you like to try this again with your family next time?
I really liked to play squash again with my family. I did not know before playing it would be so much fun. In the morning when my father told me to go play Squash, I did not want to go as I did not think it will be fun. After playing Squash it was so much fun that I wanted to keep it playing again and again.

Book your classes from 8am-10pm daily. 500RMB/hour for a family of two; 600RMB/hour for a family of three and 700RMB/hour for a family of four. Click here for more information.

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