10 plants that beat the summer heat

Summer sizzles, and so do these decorative, heat-tolerant blooms

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Beijing’s summer is here and that means rising temperatures and dry soils in the garden and in the terrace flowerpots.

But don’t worry; the scorching temperatures will only dry out your lush green plants if you haven’t planted wisely.

We’ve rounded up the summer plants that can take the heat and look gorgeous while doing it. Simply water them once a week to enjoy their blooms all summer long.

Blanket Flower

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Photo: Pixabay

This is an all-summer bloomer with characteristic red and yellow petals with gold, red or purple centres. Blanket flowers thrive in full sun and well-drained soil so don’t fear growing them in the warm summer weather.

Viburnum Flowering Shrub

1 viburnum wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

If you travel a lot, these heat tolerant beauties are a life-saver. You only have to water them during dry periods (OK, knowing Beijing's summer you might want to do it regularly). But if you make sure to surround them with mulch, it'll obtain moisture that can extend how long you can go between waterings. Win!


1 celosia wikimedia
Photo: Public domain pictures

These colourful blossoms thrive in hot weather and you can count on them blooming from summer into fall. The beautiful flowers are available in shades of red, orange and yellow. The flower is also known as 'Cockscomb', because of the similarity between its crested type and the comb of a rooster.


1 coreopsis-and-honey-bee
Photo: Public domain pictures

This yellow addition to your garden or terracce also exists in orange, bright-red and pink nuances and they can grow to between eight to 48 inches in height. Keep soil moist around newly planted coreopsis, but don't overwater.


1 cosmos wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

Suited for full sun to light shade, the Cosmos flover comes in a wide range of warm and cool tones, making it a good choice for just about any location that you feel like spicing up for the summer.

Fan Flower

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Photo: Max pixel

This robust plant consists of loads of small, fan-shaped flowers in purple, blue or white and it’s a beautiful addition to any garden. The fan flower thrives in well-draining soil, so don’t expect it to survive without any care at all. It has a trailing habit, sprawling out to roughly three feet.


1 yucca
Photo: Flickr

You'll find few plants that love the heat as much as this one does. Both flowers and foliage come with this eye-catching favourite.

Egyptian Star Cluster

1 blanketflower-pixabay
Photo: Flickr

Also known as Pentas, this tropical plant can surely handle the heat, since it's native to Africa, Arabia and Madagascar. The flowers tolerate light shade, but they bloom most heavily when they are exposed to the sun.

Hawaiian Blue Ageratum

1 hawaian flickr
Photo: Flickr

This flower is native to Mexico and it isn’t just coping with the heat, it needs it. Therefore, you should make sure the soil is warm before you plant the seeds. It’s even recommended to use warm water to water this pretty purple plant.

Reflexed Stonecrop

1 reflexed stonecop wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

This succulent plant is tolerant of dry and hot conditions and is a perfect choice for the not too attentive home gardeners. For that reason, it's also a popular choice for rock gardens.

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