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The best tech gadgets for students in 2017

All of the high–tech stuff your kid definitely needs this autumn

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Talking pens, digital water bottles, virtual assistants – school in 2016 is a high–tech place. While many parents are trying to peel their kid's eyes away from screens, we've rounded up nine digital gadgets that may up their productivity and their grades.

Gululu interactive water bottle


If you’re worried about your child getting dehydrated when they’re at school, consider the Gululu interactive water bottle. This high tech bottle features a screen with an interactive pet that grows when more water is consumed. Parents can receive data on their child’s drinking habits on the Gululu app to stay informed. Find it here. Cost 658RMB

Apple Pen


A perfect complement to their iPad, the Apple Pen allows students to draw and design directly on their tablet. With virtually no lag and sensors that react to pen pressure, the Apple Pen recreates that good old feeling of putting pen to paper. The Pen can also be used to make handwritten notes, edit photos to a professional standard and design graphics. Find it at the Apple Store. Cost 659RMB

Laptop cooler


No matter how quickly technology is developing these days, laptops still get dang hot. If your child gets sweaty palms or a burning lap from typing away, consider setting them up with a Havit laptop cooler, available in multiple sizes. Find it on the Havit website. Cost 193RMB

Livescribe 3 Smartpen


The Livescribe Smartpen allows users to write directly on paper, but it transcribes handwritten notes to laptops, tablets or smartphones. It also records audio so your child can play back their important lectures. The accompanying Livescribe+ app also puts all your notes into one place. Click here to buy. Cost from 930RMB

Multifunction desk organiser


With an inbuilt smartphone charging stand, multiple USB ports, drink holder, pen holder and storage space, this desk organiser declutters your workspace and sets your child up for success. Find it here. Cost 266 RMB

Sleepace Nox alarm clock


A good night’s sleep is key for students to make it through the school day with killer focus and high energy levels. This all–in–one lamp and alarm will help them track their sleep cycle and measure their bedroom environment, in addition to playing soothing music and using light technology to help them get the best night’s sleep possible. The Sleepace Nox can be linked to a parent's phone to send statistics to help improve overall sleep patterns. Find it here. Cost 997 RMB

The Oombrella smart umbrella


However rare, rainy days do happen in Beijing. This high–tech Oombrella is super durable and lets users know (via a linked app on your smartphone) real–time weather forecasts. It'll also let you know where to find it if you or your little one accidentally leave it behind. Find it here. Cost 481RMB

Alexa/Echo – Amazon’s virtual assistant

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Designed to work with Amazon’s Echo speaker system, virtual assistant Alexa takes voice commands to control music, answer questions, read the news, audiobooks and schedules. For parents looking for an assistant of their own, ‘she’ can also be connected to your home in order to control lights and appliances like the TV. Is this the 2016 answer to an imaginary friend? Find it on Amazon. Cost 1197RMB

Wynd Portable Air Purifier


The creator of the Wynd Portable Air Purifier was inspired by his relatives living in – you guessed it – Beijing. Wynd, about the size of a water bottle, draws in polluted air to filter out harmful toxins, allergens and dust. The air purifier also informs you when the filter needs to be changed and will even ship a new one to you. Click here for more. Cost 1,116RMB

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