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Gadgets that make travelling with toddlers a whole lot easier

Ace your upcoming long-haul flight with these portable goodies

When it comes to holiday travel packing, we've learned that less is definitely more. However there are some gadgets and goodies that are worth their weight in gold. Just in time for summer holidays, we've rounded up eight items that are a godsend when you're a family on the go.

Disposable bibs (and wet wipes in every pocket)


We're all for throwing away as little garbage as possible but a sticky child on an airplane is enough to make us reconsider. Try these bibs by Nuby. 83,40RMB for 10.

Silicone baby bottles


These cool bottles fold up small in your carry-on but are still comfortable for baby to hold. Check out these stylish ones in pink or green. From 129RMB for two.

Portable chair


The Voyager from Phil & Teds (pictured, 1,040RMB) has had knock-out reviews from travelling families for years but. It isn't the cheapest chair on the block but well worth the cost according to many international travellers and their toddlers.

Lightweight carrier


This Boba carrier is the ideal 'just in case' carrier – best suited for situations where you don't know if you'll need a carrier or simply don't have the space for a bulky one. It's handy to travel with and easily fits in a carry-on, purse or luggage. Find the Boba carrier here. 720RMB.

Kids' backpack with tether

We're not crazy about the idea of putting our child on a leash but that airport walk from security to the gate sure does tire them out. Find this dino model here. 116RMB.

Comfy airplane seat bed

1453ad48fb-Professional photos-Medium-JetKids_BedBox_AVIA_Produksjon_white_BG_NETT_22_edited3
This bad boy has carry-on dimensions, fits children up to about age seven and ensures your child won't be passing out on top of you for the duration of your flight. Find the BedBox here. 1,270RMB.

Child-safe headphones


This pair of headpones has built-in volume limitation that complies with European safety standards for kids, best suited for ages three and up. Find this cute pair here. From 147RMB.

All the games


On planes, trains and automobiles may be one of the only times little ones get free reign with the iPad. Stock up on these teacher-recommended (and mostly free) educational apps to at least make the most of it.

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