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LEGO may be a key to your child's success in school

LEGO-lovin' kids may outperform their peers in math and spatial reasoning

You might want to think twice before ordering your kiddos to clean up their LEGO and put down the video games.

As it turns out, both may reap developmental benefits. According to a new study, the beloved construction toys as well as interactive video games help little ones develop a greater spatial awareness as they grow, UK newspaper The Sun reports.

When Dr Anne Gold of Cires Education and Outreach centre in Colorado, US tested the theory, those LEGO-lovin' little ones outperformed their buddies in spatial reasoning, according to The Sun. If that doesn't leave you entirely convinced, here's what will make you reconsider. Those spacial reasoning skills, according to Gold, are the key to success in areas such as science and tech.

Think about it: you can have a little mechanical engineer in the making just by letting him or her explore options with LEGO. Their playtime now could quite possibly shape their whole future.

Even better? LEGO are also helpful for those in need of a little assistance in the math department. The shapes can be used for help with addition, subtraction, sorting, skip-counting, squaring, cubing – the whole shebang. Not so bad, huh?

Next time your children ask for a few more minutes of play time, just give in – there's no telling where it'll take them.

By Danielle Valente

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