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Beat the heat: 13 summer essentials for families to find on Taobao

We've found all the best items on Taobao to keep you and your family cool

Now that scorching summer days are upon us, you may, like us, find yourself searching for something, anything to survive the Beijing summer heat. And as we all know, the place to go for (almost literally) anything is, of course, Taobao. Here are 15 finds that'll help you beat the heat whether you're looking to go travelling to (even) warmer climates, or are stuck spending your summer in the city.

Portable Mini Electric Fan

Portable Mini Electric Fan

Just pop four batteries into this portable mini electric fan to enjoy your own personal cool breeze – it's got that whole 'small and mighty' thing going on. It'll fit perfectly on your desk, your bedside table, or even balanced on the toilet if you're seriously desperate. They have USB charging ports, making them ideal for laptop users in the office or at home. You might also fancy the newer models that come with a refillable water base that acts as a spray and refreshing moisturiser.


Photo credits: Dustin Ground

45.90-319RMB, Sheng Tu Hui Wai Qi Jian Dian

Who doesn't love a nice lounge in the garden on sunny days? Chill out in style this summer with one of these colourful hammocks from Taobao.

Bamboo Seat Pad


9.90-74.90RMB per piece, Shu Ge Jia Ju Qi Jian Dian

Bamboo products like this seat pad are traditionally used to stay cool in hot weather. Usually people use a bamboo mat on their bed or seat to cool their body down. As you might have already guessed from the picture, it's not necessarily the comfiest 'pad' in the world – bamboo can be a bit hard to sit on for a long time - but it offers a bit of respite from hot cushions or sticky leather surfaces.

Rainbow Pool Float

Rainbow Float

128RMB, Chong Qi Chan Pin Sheng Chan Chang Jia

The inflatable float looks just like a majestic rainbow and it'll have you bobbing around the pool in style. Find other Insta-worthy designs like a magical unicorn, a massive pizza slice, a juicy-looking watermelon and many more.

Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pool

Starting from 42RMB, Man You Bao Bao

If public pools and water parks aren't your thing but you're still looking for somewhere to christen that gigantic rainbow inflatable, you're in luck. With inflatable pools of all sizes available on Taobao, you just need to find a big enough space to match.

Water Resistant Speaker


What pool party would be complete without music? As the temperature turns up, you can too. Small but mighty and easily transported, the splash-proof JBL Clip Plus is a poolside necessity.

Popsicle Moulds

Popsicle Mould

18.90RMB for two sets, Zuo Ti Jia Ju Zhuan Mai Dian

Summer is the perfect time to stock up on popsicle moulds. Juice your watermelon and make your own ice lollies with this versatile set. Ideal for both homemade frozen treats at kids' birthday parties as well as boozy ice pops for adults. Too much effort? We've rounded up Beijing's best budget iced coffees and Russian convenience store ice creams for you to try to help cope with Beijing's scorching summer.

Ice Mug

Ice Mug

19.90RMB for two mugs, Vale Life

Leave this ice mug in the fridge for a couple hours to make the inner layer nice and cold. The magical material inside keeps the mug cool for a good hour or two, so you can enjoy a nice chilled drink – without having to trek for ice cubes and without the risk of turning your once delicious drink into a watery mess once said ice cubes have melted.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

26RMB for four bags, Jia Jia Cha Ye Pi Fa

We know what you're thinking – a hot drink to cool me down? I don't think so. But trust us. Cooling herbal tea contains tea and herbs (duh) which are supposed to help the body keep cool on the inside. Try mint leaves, dry chrysanthemum and lotus leaf. Plus, herbal teas help with digestion as well so it's a win all round. Just don't ask us how it works...

Waterproof Bag

Waterproof Bag

Whether you are suntanning by the pool, splashing by the shore or floating in a boat, you'll most likely find yourself in need of some waterproofs these few months. Summer activities are awesome... until the waves crash ashore, your kids decide that it's hilarious to splash you or you get caught in a relentless water fight. Well, everything's lovely until your stuff gets soaked and you're left high and dry (high and wet?). Better be safe than sorry with the right water-resistant gear.


Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.35.11 AM

55RMB, Liang Qi

Take sun protection to another level and morph into a Peking Opera singer with these one-of-a-kind facekinis.

Kobayashi Cool Spray

Cool Spray

Cool spray products are mainly for people who want to – or more often than not, have to – spend longer periods of time in the sweltering heat. Whether you're enjoying a nice sunny walk, or your boss is sadistically refusing to crank up the AC, this dreamy spray could be the solution. It's used on clothes to stop you sweating, and leaves you feeling refreshed and cool. There are loads of brands to choose from, but one of the most popular and well-known is this Japanese brand.

Summer UmbrellaSummer Umbrella

summer umbrella

49.99RMB, Tian Tang San

If you think umbrellas are just for the rain, that's where you're wrong – at least not when you're living in Beijing. Although eye-poking occurrences can be a real problem, these protective anti-sun shields will shelter you from the harmful UV rays and provide you with your own personal shady spot wherever you are. Check out more stylish umbrellas.

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