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Read Aloud Coronavirus safety tips for kids

Teach the kids the best way to protect themselves from the Coronavirus with this charming Read Aloud children's book

Photo: Emily Marshall
When Shenzhen-based school teacher Emily Marshall went back home to England during the Chinese New Year holiday for a surprise visit, she received her own surprising news as well. Back in China, her home for the past three years, a devastating epidemic had emerged, starting from Wuhan, spreading across China and now the world. And with no date in sight as to when the new semester was starting, she couldn't help but think of her students and how to help continue their education despite being at home. And that's when her mother suggested creating a book.

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Marshall, an English teacher for students Grades 1 to 4 at the Bao'an Middle School, had just awhile back begun creating her own children's books for her own classes as a means to introduce them to bigger topics such as self-love and taking pride in being oneself or being different. And with most of the resources that she had seen so far targeting older children, she felt an age-appropriate book was necessary. So together with her friends Vivian Cheng and Simin Wu, they created a bilingual Read Aloud book for young children.

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'I created this book as I wanted my youngest students to understand the safety instructions without feeling afraid. My worry was that many of them wouldn’t understand the situation in China but sense the change in atmosphere, and I felt many of the resources I’d seen were for older children and might scare them further. I created the video so that children could read along with me or hear the story in a calm gentle voice. And also to practice English in the many days at home,' Marshall shares. The main characters in her book is based on her own childhood toys - Spiky the Hedgehog and Beany the Bear - who comforted her in her times of need when she was a child.

Stay safe, everyone!

Coronavirus Safety for Children
Written and Illustrated by Emily Marshall
Story translated by Vivian Cheng
Remember translated by Simin Wu
For more information, contact the author at marshall.emily95@hotmail.com

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