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Family guide to staying healthy in the summer

All the health advice you need this summer for families, pregnant mothers and kids

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Welcome to our ultimate guide to staying healthy and happy on your travels this summer. Whether you're an expectant mother worried about flying or a father looking to keep his energetic kids away from injuries and sunburn, you've come to the right place. Swot up, and enjoy your holiday!

Family health guide


We've gathered essential health advice for families and kids in Beijing by doctors at international hospitals.

Mythbusting sunscreen


What SPF is best for kids? Does sun tan lotion prevent me getting a tan? What should I do if my kids get sunburn? We delve into the truth about sunscreen, and find out what UVAs and UVBs actually mean.

Travelling with a bump


Is it safe to fly while pregnant? If so, when is the best time? What precautions should I take on the flight and once I arrive at my destination? Consult the medical specialists and airline staff.

'I travelled while pregnant'


We interviewed an expectant mother in Beijing who travelled to New Zealand while pregnant.

The best mocktail recipes


Hurrah! You've finally reached your destination. Relax on the beach or by the pool with these delicious non-alcoholic cocktails, perfect for pregnant women and kids.