Limited time only: VFly Trampoline Park tickets at only 50RMB

Jump for joy at any of these VFly branches

Photo: Jackie Park 
For those of you with active kids, you'll love this deal. This time we've partnered with popular trampoline park VFly to give you and your kids an unforgettably bouncing good time. Get ready for another...

TO Deal

Time Out Family is all about discovering the best our fair city has to offer our readers, from our picks of the city's best events and the people helping shape the city, to places we've discovered and invite families to check out around Beijing.

We're taking that mission a step further with Time Out Deals, Time Out Beijing’s initiative to bring readers great time-limited discounts on the city’s best experiences. This week’s Time Out Deal with VFly will have your kids bouncing about with wall-to-wall fun, and what makes this deal unique is that our tickets allow you to have more control over your time and you have three locations to choose from.


There are three branches to choose from:

Surprise Outlet branch


For a fantastic twofer getting the kids to unleash all that pent up energy and then perhaps getting started on your Christmas shopping then head for VFly's Surprise Outlets branch. The complex is home to a number of branded shops such as Coach, Armani, Diesel and GAP, whose products are currently on sale, with some stores selling their items at up to 90 percent off.


Then before, after, or during that (an option for those who can leave their older children on their own for a few hours), this trampoline park offers two sections of more than 2,000sqm of flipping fun, with the other half of the centre dedicated to rest spaces and party rooms, that'll keep the kids diving for more until they start asking to go out for a meal. And even then they'll want to come back after.

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Once inside, there was no holding the kids back from releasing their excitement. Expect maximum jumping fun as the kids bounce from one trampoline to the next, seeing how far and how high the other could go. There are trampoline sections for general jumping, dodgeball, basketball and more.


For those looking for a game of SlamBall, this is where you will want to go.


SlamBall is a competitive contact sport that combines basketball and some elements of hockey and rugby. As you've probably already guessed, the goal is to slam the ball in except there are a number of exciting moves you could do as you're taking that dunk.


Alternatively, you can just try to shoot some hoops, though it's not as easy as it sounds.





There are several foam pits around the indoor trampoline park, and this one had kids crossing over foams to reach the other side.

Meanwhile next to it was a short climbing wall that guaranteed a soft landing for the climbers.


If you're planning to scale up this wall, then make sure to schedule your stay here around it. The wall-climbing area is only open during a limited time: from 2.30-4.30pm on weekdays and 10.30-11.30am, 1.30-2.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm on weekends.


Get that much-needed break

If you have no plans to bounce around because your child is old enough to take care of themselves (including being able to go to the toilet on their own), here's a waiting area for parents or guardians who don't want to venture too far. The upper floor of the trampoline park is free for guardians of children playing at VFly which overlooks the two sections of the park.
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Another reason we loved this branch was because of its dedicated party rooms, which the Daxing branch also has. Here's another idea: buy enough tickets and hold your own trampoline park Christmas party here.

For hungry kids, VFly also sells some food within the trampoline park.

The tickets can be used for all three branches, including its Changying branch (about 20 minutes from Chaoyang Joy City) and Daxing branch.

Love what you've read so far? Then here's how to get your tickets!

The single person tickets, originally priced at 100RMB on weekends and 80RMB on weekdays, is now just 50RMB. This is especially good for the Surprise Outlet branch, which doesn't allow guests to bring in food. So you can take a quick lunch break after your hour or two is up and then come back when you've fully digested your meals.

This time-limited deal is only available till December 11, and only while tickets last. The vouchers can then be used any time at any of the branches till February 29, 2020.

And once you've bought your tickets, a gentle reminder: please bring your own anti-slip socks if you have them, and if not they will also be available at the indoor parks for 10RMB a pair. Children must be at least 3 years old and under 60kg in order to play the flying fox and go rock climbing.

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