Beijing bumps up safety measures in the Coronavirus battle

Beijing enforces stricter rules to combat the deadly virus

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Last Friday February 15, Beijing announced stricter quarantine restrictions, stating that travellers returning to the capital must undergo a 14-day self-quarantine, otherwise face punishment, as reported by Beijing Daily. Those who return to the capital must report in advance to their neighbourhood community management to inform them of their arrival.

In other news, to meet the soaring demand for facial medical masks, an industrial building being constructed by China Construction First Group that is currently being converted into a mask factory is expected to produce 250,000 masks per day once construction ends this Saturday, according to Xinhua news agency. China, the world's largest producer of medical facial masks, is in short supply of the protective gear due to the COVID-19, with those at the frontline most at risk and in most need of the masks. China has been ramping up its mask production, even limiting exports of raw materials used in making face masks,

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