Colour it in: cute Coronavirus infocomic and printables for kids

These eye-catching Coronavirus infocomics and printables make it easier for kids to understand what they need to know

Photo: Wei Man Kow
With so much information circulating about the Coronavirus these days, finding the right advice can get overwhelming and sometimes even downright confusing. Singaporean artist Wei Man Kow, however, brings us back to the basics of what you need to know about this deadly virus through a simpler and engaging medium both adults and kids alike are sure to enjoy: comics. In her comics, you'll find a more detailed explanation on how the Coronavirus spreads and the five basic precautions you need to be aware of.

According to her Instagram post, the idea was inspired by own bout with a tenacious fever, cough and cold that lasted for a month and a half. And so she decided to put her talent (and intense googling) to good use by creating an easy-to-understand comic 'in hopes that no one will have to suffer from highly preventable illnesses.'

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(Part 1/2) Did a short #infocomic on how to keep yourself safe from #coronaviruses. Swipe left to read comic! - Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that include the common #cold, seasonal #flu, #mers, #sars, and the #wuhanvirus. The same methods can be used to prevent similar #contagious #respiratory #diseases. I’ve cited my references for the information in the last page of Part 2. - I’ve been utterly miserable with a tenacious fever, cough, and cold that will NOT go away for a month and a half. This is my third week away from work, and I miss work 😭. I’ve decided to put the results of my intense googling on how NOT to get a cold EVER again into a comic that can be quickly and easily understood by everyone, in hopes that no one will have to suffer from highly preventable illnesses. - Do forgive if some of the lines have been shaky, was coughing through drawing it, while chugging meds. Working on the comic did help me feel more sane/focused while recovering though, and a nice break from eating meds and sleeping the days away. - I’m thinking of doing a version in Chinese next. Let me know if there’s something related you want me to cover in an infocomic too! Stay safe everyone! . . . #coronavirus #wuhan #maxpackwatercolor #maxpack #frankentoonbrushes #ipad #procreate #psa #drawing #illustration #cartoon #doodle #infographic #digitalart #sketchnote #design #instaart #comic #sequentialart #webcomic

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Wish you could share this to your friends in another language? That's possible as well. Wei Man is open to semi 'open-sourcing' the comic to genuine translators. As of this writing, the infocomics have already been translated in Mandarin and in Korean. More information here:

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