Kid's Eye View: Bricklive Animal Paradise

Lina and Leann Park from YCIS Beijing review Bricklive's Animal Paradise!

Jackie Park

Lina (3) and Leann (5) Park. Students at YCIS Beijing

An animal cum wildlife conservation exhibit made up of 2 million Lego bricks over a sprawling 5,000sqm space at the Bird’s Nest.


What is the attraction about?

Leann: It’s about the animals dying because people kill them too much. (But the animals here) are made of Lego, and I love Lego!
Lina: It’s about animals made of Lego!


Was it big and crowded when you visited?

Leann: There were some people. When we first went there (at the first exhibit), there weren’t many people but as we walked in there were more people.
Lina: Yea, super many people!


How long did you spend there?

Leann: A long time of course! I wish we could spend even more time there!
Lina: A short time only.



Were there many activities for you to do?

Leann: Yes, of course! We played with a lot of Lego pieces, and there were many things to do like feeding the tiger, riding the rabbit, the rabbits are so cute! But I hit my lip on one of the tubes there. And then there was a forest, and there were many places to take pictures, there were also fish and shark in the ocean...
Lina: I fed the baby tigers!


What do you think were the best exhibits?

Lina: My favorite were the killer whales and using a Lego trebuchet to catapult lego pieces to feed it.


Leann: The Lego pools! And there were so many activities to do!


What was something new you learned that day?

Leann: I learned about animals that people are killing and becoming endangered animals.
Lina: That the ocean is so cool!


What did you least like about the attraction?

Leann: Feeding the tiger cubs (with plastic tubes) because I might hurt my lip again.
Lina: *laughs*

Would you want to go again?

Leann: Yes!
Lina: Yes!

  • 4 out of 5 stars