Kid's eye view: China National Film Museum

Yash Nair from Beijing World Youth Academy reviews the film museum

Yash Nair

China’s film industry is a booming success. But how, and why? The China National Film Museum (CNFM) is devoted to answering these questions and more!

CNFM doubles as an IMAX theatre, and has a large four-storey atrium with a winding path to the top. Each floor is packed with awe-inspiring exhibits and the best part? Entrance is free! On the second floor, which features the early film industry in China, I learned an interesting fact: despite the invention of the phonograph, enabling sound on films, the majority of Chinese films remained silent for quite a long time. The rest of the floor delves into the communist era and the influence of party ideology on the film industry. The third floor houses a massive array of exhibits depicting Chinese films. However, I enjoyed the exhibits on the fourth floor the most.

The highlight for me was the life-size village, and I also learned a lot about the special effects used in movies. Unfortunately, CNFM is positioned rather far from the more populated areas of Beijing, and therefore there are not a lot of taxis. Also, the boards that explain the exhibits are all written in Chinese. However, you can rent the English audio guides for 10RMB, which provided me with some useful insight. Without them, I wouldn’t know fascinating facts like who the Lumière brothers – the earliest filmmakers in history – were.

I would definitely recommend a visit to this museum to my friends.

China National Film Museum 9 Nanying Lu Chaoyang District. See address details

  • 4 out of 5 stars