Beijing's finest ice cream shops

We've got the scoop on all of the best ice cream to get you through summer

As the summer heat encroaches, we test out Beijing's best ice creams, ice lollies and everything in between. We've got Italian gelatos, American indulgence and some local interpretations which offer an interesting twist.



At 6RMB per cone, Wuyutai is hands-down the best spot for green tea and jasmine soft-serve on the cheap in town. With over one-hundred locations dotted about the city, Wuyutai is the perfect pit-stop for a sweet treat on a dime. You shouldn't have too much trouble tracking one down: just keep your eyes posted for the brand's signature green awnings.

Modern 1906

Modern 1906

Considering the city of Harbin is famed for its annual ice festival, it's no surprise they've also got you covered on the ice lolly front. They've been making delectable ice lollies for over a century now and have definitely perfected stalwart flavours like The Classic (tastes like slightly sweetened milk) and the Durian flavours. If you're feeling a bit left-field, opt for one of the more modern flavours, like chocolate, hazelnut or Matcha. Again, you'll have no trouble tracking down these refreshing treats, 7-11 is generally a safe bet.

Cow's Creamery

Cow's Creamery

Hailing from Canada, Cow's Creamery is a pretty off-the-wall ice cream joint. The Sanlitun branch has a wide variety of flavours, whilst staff knead the ice cream live in front of you, which is pretty cool to watch. If you're feeling adventurous, have a go at designing your own flavour combination. Prices start at 28RMB per cone.



We know, apologies, not super original of us! Nevertheless, there's a reason that Häägen-Dazs retains such a legendary status worldwide: it rocks. You'll find the store on first floor of the Raffles City mall, where you can sample the delectable ice cream with a range of desserts. We'd recommend the Belgian Chocolate Sundae. Prices start at 30RMB.

Val Milano

Val Milano

Probably the closest thing you'll find to authentic Italian gelato in the city. This is the good stuff, free from preservatives, chemicals and colouring, VAI Milano is thousands of miles away from an Italian ice cream parlour in location only. Head over to the Indigo Mall to track it down, with a three-flavour cup setting you back 42RMB.

Ice cream: the fuel for a wonderful, long, hot summer.


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