Get ready to party at AMFA Space

We found a venue perfect for children’s celebrations at AMFA Space

Photo: AMFA
To all the parents missing Chuck E. Cheese as the go-to place to hold your kids’ celebrations back home, well, we’ve found a brilliant venue to host your kiddos. Located in Shunyi, millions have been spent to create AMFA Space just for children’s celebrations.

AMFA Spaceis located in the basement of the 京Place Edutainment Complex,which also houses a kindergarten and an English language school. With each floor targeting a specific area of a child’s development, AMFA is all about play.

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The space is decked out in soft muted backgrounds and colourful pastel accents with play corners, a bilingual library and stuffed toys dispersed throughout its huge space. But why you should come is its speciality: creating fantastic dreamscapes with state of the art technology.

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You get to choose, depending on your kid’s fancy, between its fun laser animation (from 298RMB per person to 4,182RMB for 12) and its 360-degree holographic packages (from 398RMB per person to 3,342RMB for 12). The laser animation package projects an animation that you can tailor to the day’s event – something the kids will remember for life.

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Its holographic package on the other hand is a more immersive experience that displays animated scenes straight out of your child’s imagination. It uses projectors to create a 360-degree immersive environment where the kids can be transported to the bubbling depths of the sea, witness the blooming of cherry blossoms, play in the wilderness or get lost in outer space. You get to choose your own adventure.

Each package comes with a four-course meal for both kids and adults. AMFA space has an extensive menu, though we highly recommend its signature dishes of Australian beef steak, pan-fried salmon and creamy mushroom soup. And of course, finish off with its wide range of desserts. Each dish has been vetted by a nutritionist– the exact amount of calories is displayed next to each selection on the menu.

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AMFA Space can also customise parties. Want a different menu? Check. Interested in having a furry mascot greet the guests? Check. Think the kids would enjoy some arts and crafts? Check. Have the entire party make and bake a birthday cake? Check.

For a celebration that the kids will remember for life, there’s no space like AMFA Space.
  • 4 out of 5 stars