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Alumni of international schools give tips on how to make the most of education in Beijing

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J S Jashdave Singh

Age 20
Currently at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Alumni of British School of Beijing (BSB), 2011-2013

Before you entered an international school, what preconceptions, concerns and issues did you have?

I lived in Malaysia, my home country, almost my entire life, so a major concern for me was the change in curriculum. I’d only been used to the rigorous and, dare I say, ineffective rote-learning techniques of the
Malaysian education system, which gave me little understanding of the world around me. The transition was difficult at first, but my understanding of subjects became more detailed and deeper than before.

Upon starting school, did the experience turn out like you expected?

Yes it did, although I was surprised at how relaxed the school atmosphere was.

What did you find most difficult to adapt to and how did you overcome it?
It was difficult to adapt to the stronger emphasis on self-study. In Malaysia I’d done most of my learning in the classroom.

What did you love most about being in an international school?
In Malaysia, my wishes counted for little and I had to cram everything prescribed by the syllabus, even if those subjects had nothing to do with what I wanted to study in the future. So I was delighted that I could choose my own subjects.

What is your best memory of BSB?
The residential trips to the Great Wall of China and Yunnan, for the gruelling hike! It was totally worth it for the views, and I made friendships that will last forever.

How would you recommend new students pick their ECAs?

I did Model United Nations. I wasn’t into sport at first as I didn’t do much in Malaysia, but eventually I took part in house competitions. New students should take every opportunity available, especially sporting events. It helps you physically, plus you get to go to awesome places around the world for competitions!

How has studying at BSB shaped your friendships, interests and view of the world?
It gave me a much broader insight into the world, and I made friends from countries that I’d never even heard of before. It also made me realise that we live in a really small world.

How has your experience at BSB influenced your decision on your current studies?
It made me want to go on to study somewhere which was completely different to where I was brought up. Copenhagen Business School is unlike anything else I’ve experienced (especially the weather!) and I can pursue the two subjects that I’m interested in the most: international business and politics.

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