Ikea gets even more kid-friendly for charity

Ikea encourages shoppers with families to play more at their additional play installations till Saturday 15

All photos by Jackie Park
Ikea is so popular amongst expats it's practically synonymous to furniture. But the thought of long lines and tired young children tugging along is enough to discourage a trip to Ikea, even with the spacious (and free) play area on the ground floor (if your kids are willing to stay in that area without a guardian nearby, that is).

Shop anytime till Saturday 15, however, and you can take advantage of Ikea's additional play areas within the shopping area thanks to their Let's Play for Change campaign for charity.

Your perfect Christmas family photo right here

For families who choose to buy SAGOSKATT toys, the sales income will be donated to support children in western China villages through *One Foundation. According to the Ikea website, the money will help create more opportunities for kids in the rural areas to play (as is the right of every child, rich or poor) and to help them develop their potential.

Play break on the third floor

After a whole shopping floor and a half, this cafe will be a welcome break for the kids

There's also a convenient cafe now on the second floor for a family pit stop. Park your trolleys by the entrance and take a short break before continuing on your shopping journey. But like all Ikea trips, make sure you've mentally prepared yourself to stay for quite some time, although this time with some smiles on the kids' faces.

Here are some other photos of what to expect:
Some seasonal products at the Ikea shop

Smaland, the free indoor play area for kids three to six years old (maximum one hour)

Inside Smaland

Another little play area on the ground floor shopping area

This extra play area on the ground floor

Cars and trains for the kids

Larger play area on the third floor

Ikea goal achieved: even parents are 'playing'

Some Christmas decorations...

...and even more Christmas decorations

For more information, visit the Ikea site at www.ikea.cn and also find their mini play guide for families in the Let's Play for Change page.

*One Foundation is the charity started by Jet Li in April 2007 to help with disaster relief, with children's welfare and philanthropic developments. For more information (in Chinese), visit their official website at www.onefoundation.cn.
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