The Time Out Family blind play date: a mini review of AA Lego

Family-friendly Parkview Green venue that packs all things Lego

We got two families together and sent them out for an afternoon in Beijing. Was it fun at first sight?

The play date


An interactive afternoon of playing with Legos at Parkview Green's AA Place.

The play daters


Charlie 6 years old, student at Dulwich

Favourite activities Board games and anything super active like ice skating. Her mum is DCB's skate coach.

First impression Normally, she's not too into the colourful little blocks, but was a great sport.

Friend potential If they were ever to get together again, no Lego per her request.

The venue Had tonnes of fun in the giant block pit.

Mum's opinion 'This is a great venue for young kids around five years old. The place is quite nice and surprisingly quiet for a children's venue located in a mall.' -Camilla Underhill, Charlie's mum


Brayden 7 years old, student at House of Knowledge

Favourite activities Football, tennis and basketball. He also loves music including playing the piano and his after-school dance class.

First impression Brayden loves making Lego creations and the cartoons playing in the shop were his fav.

Friend potential They both share some friends in the international school community.

The venue Loved! When the play date ended, he would've even stayed a bit longer.

Mum's opinion 'The venue was clean and would be nice for a birthday party. Only downside: the television playing cartoons was a bit distracting for some children.' -Lundy Clark, Brayden's mum
  • 4 out of 5 stars