The Time Out Family blind play date: a mini review of UCCA Creative Studio

Classes for kids housed inside 798's Ullen's Center for Cotemporary Art

We got two families together and sent them out for an afternoon at UCCA Creative Studio (housed inside 798 Arts District's Ullen's Center for Contemporary Art). This brave pair, Sunny and Minerva, spent the afternoon learning about Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who's known for his colourful portraits made up of fruit and veggies.

Did they like this art class with a tech twist, and would their parents recommend the activity? Hear in their own words below.



5 years old, student at Etonkids


First impression Having attended classes before, Minerva was already a big fan of UCCA Creative Studio.

During the class The teacher's introduction to the class was engaging and kept students' attention.

Best part? Loved the use of iPads to demonstrate Arcimboldo's work – especially because she can't use the tablets at home.

Mum's opinion 'This class provides access to art that many kids living in Beijing might not get. Attending the class with Minerva, even I learned a lot.' –Wang Hong, Minerva's mum


5 years old, student at Etonkids


First impression The museum environment immediately got her curious.

During the class Using fruity stickers to learn about Arcimboldo? Genius.

Best part? Sunny was super proud of her fruit sticker collage and loved sticking them all over mum and dad.

Mum's opinion 'It was great that parents can get involved in the class. It was quality bonding time for the whole family.' –Nina Ren, Sunny's mum


UCCA Creative Studio

Part of UCCA, this centre is dedicated to the promotion of creative education in a unique art environment

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