The Time Out Family blind play date: A mini review of inKIDS with Line Friends

Cute social app characters come to life at this CBD indoor play centre

A stylish kids' play centre if there ever was one, inKids features ball pits, slides and plenty of things to climb. Korean social media app characters, Line Friends decorate the playful-yet-minimal space. It may not the biggest kids' venue in town, but is clean and well-maintained.

After a recent visit to the venue, see what two families had to say.


Six years old, student at Beijing City International School


First impression Ethan dived headfirst into the ball put and disappeared for a few minutes before coming up for air. He also loved jumping up and down on the trampolines.

Best part He loved swinging on the suspended yoga balls and colliding with Cici.

Mum's opinion 'It's not the biggest venue we've been to, but the play centre is so clean. The design is also great and on the minimalist side, unlike many other play centres.' –MM Guan, Ethan's mum



Four-and-a-half years old, student at EtonKids


First impression She first ran after the larger-than-life stuffed bear at the venue. She also loved how the Line Friends characters were suspended from the ceiling.

Best part For Cici, the best part had to be whooshing down the steep metal slides on cushions.

Mum's Opinion 'It's a spacious and pleasant environment, even if it is on the expensive side. If we're in the neighbourhood, I'll bring her back again but maybe on a weekday when it's a better value.' –Stella, Cici's mum


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  • 4 out of 5 stars