Kid's eye view: Indoor rock climbing at East Top Climbing Club

Our verdict? Indoor climbing requires muscle strength and nerves of steel

Indoor climbing is growing in popularity in Beijing so we sent Sophia and Charles Liu – students of Beijing World Youth Academy – to try out East Top Climbing Club in Maquanying. First up, the children strapped in to a safety harness and prepared with a lesson on stretching and exibility.

Ahead was a 6.5-metre climbing wall, studded with hand and footholds in bright colours. Each colour guides the climber through a different courses graded by ability. When you can really imitate Spiderman then it’s time to head for the eight-metre wall and then learn to negotiate the overhangs that mimic a tough climb on a real rock face. So how did Sophia and Charles like their experience? Read on.

The Verdict

Sophia, 11


'It was exciting and adventurous. I am very sporty but climbing fits my personality, too. To begin with it was kind of scary; if you lose your grip you feel a little scared. But if you try again and again you will succeed. As I was climbing I felt that I could learn something about life from this activity. During life you face lots of problems as well as good times. But you should never be afraid of failing. If you give up too soon you might just discover that you were a few steps from the top.'

Charles, 8


'It was my first time to try climbing. I felt quite excited and looked forward to trying it. It was exciting but also scary. As I climbed higher I was getting more nervous but by the time I reached the top and allowed myself to fall it felt like flying in the sky. That was the most interesting part. I will tell my friends that it’s worth a try and it’s quite safe. You don’t need any experience for the first try. I’d like to try it with friends. I think they would like rock climbing.'

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  • 4 out of 5 stars