12 amazing ways to kick off Autumn in Beijing

Our suggestions to making the most of this beautiful season

Photo: The Children's House International Montessori Kindergarten
Make the most of the year's best season with our mini-guide to the best things to do this Autumn.

Check out a school

Open house events around Beijing

It's never to early to know your options, and this month alone we're seeing at least five, including House of Knowledge, The Children's House Montessori, Pace Kindergarten, Yew Chung International School and Harrow Beijing. For dates and addresses or just to stay updated, scan the QR code below

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Make new friends

Playgroups and activities for babies and toddlers

Now that school is back in session, many playgroups have returned as well. Some you might already be familiar with are Bumps2babes, the playgroups at BSB Shunyi and the playgroups at BSB Sanlitun. You can wait for our future WeChat posts to know more about what playgroups are available, or you can scan and follow this page to see our update as we publish it.

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By: Jackie Park

Dine al fresco while you can

Check out an outdoor market

The best pop-up markets to visit this month

This the last season of the year where you get to enjoy shopping outdoors without a heavy coat wearing you down. Find this weekend's fairs here or scan the QR code for our list of this month's remaining outdoor markets. 

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Mid-Autumn Festival

The best events and deals for Mid-Autumn Festival

Now that the Mid-Autumn festival is well on its way, expect mooncake gifts soon. But what are mooncakes and what's the whole festival about, even? Don't just google your answers; have your pick from one of these awesome mid-Autumn events.

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By: Naomi Head

Get ready for Teacher's Day

12 gift ideas for Teacher's day

Teachers' Day is coming up (September 10 in case you were curious) and for those of us whose kids are in school and have teachers, it might be a good idea to prepare a gift. If you have no idea what to give, check out some of our suggestions. 

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By: Naomi Head

Explore the hutongs

Go boating

Go on a picnic

Celebrate Autumn

Get charitable

Chifan for Charity

Right after Autumn comes winter, and now is a good time as ever to remember that not everyone in Beijing has the privilege of heated homes and warm, high-quality winter jackets in the chilly season. For those who have money to spare, consider buying a table with friends at the upcoming Chifan for Charity event or donating to some of the many NGO organisations in town. If you prefer to give a helping hand instead, Horses Offering People Enrichment (HOPE) is looking for horse handler volunteers and Migrants Children's Foundation is looking for teachers and event organisers.  

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Various locations 23 Sep , 09 Nov

Get physical

HeyRunning Autumn Marathon Camp 2019

Stretch those weary arms and give the muscles a good wake-up call at HeyRunning's upcoming marathon camp. It's a good practise before the Beijing Marathon for those who have signed up, and for those who haven't it's a good motivation to stay in shape.

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Chaoyang Park 朝阳公园 , 1 Nongzhan Nan Lu Every Monday,Wednesday,Sunday

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