Kids' Eye View: Cave Discovery Centre at 798

We sent out two young adventure-seekers to try out 798's latest installment

Image: courtesy of Emily Noorlander

Our Kids' Eye View section is where we invite kids to review events and places around the city for other kids to try. This week, we review the newly-opened Cave Discovery Centre at 798. For more stories by kids for kids around the city, click here.

Days before Chinese New Year officially began, a new venue for young adventure seekers opened its doors within the 798 art district. Inside are six caves leading into six different routes to conquer—each one with a different challenge. Guests venture in further on all fours, complete with knee paddings, elbow pads and helmets with strapped-on headlights to as they journey through the tunnels. Expect sudden whiffs of wind, slippery slopes and 'water' (in the form of balls) on this little adventure. This indoor manmade spelunking experience is perfect for 3-15 years old kids (at least 100cm) and adult supervision is required for young children under four years old.

Image: courtesy of Jackie Park

For this review, we asked seven-year-old Bronwyn Ni Haggarty and nine-year-old Alice Noorlander to help explore this mini-adventure.

Images of Alice courtesy of Emily Noorlander

What is the attraction about?

Alice: I had such a fun time at the caves! It was an interesting visit, with lots of twists and turns. When you go, you get to explore different caves with different types of obstacles, like ball pits and climbing slippery rocks.

Bronwyn: The caves are a great place to spend time with friends and family. They show us how to communicate and give us an idea of being in real caves.

Images of Bronwyn courtesy of Nesbitt Haggarty

Was it big and was it crowded when you visited? How long did you spend there?

Alice: When we went, it was not crowded at all, and we were there for about 1 ½ hours.

Bronwyn: We were there for 90 minutes. There were no queues but we did 5 tunnels in about an hour. I was very fast but a lot of time was spent waiting for my dad to catch up. There are 6 tunnels which vary in time completion but it is anywhere from 5-15 minutes completion time.

Were the caves/tunnels in good condition?

Alice: The caves were nice! They looked brand new.

Bronwyn: The tunnels are brand new and very clean.

Which cave (number) was your favourite?

Alice: There were six different caves you could try. My favorite one was cave number 6 because you had to push an exercise ball in front of you through the cave, even when you had to climb up and down walls! It had more obstacles than other caves I tried.

Bronwyn: Tunnel five was my favourite because it has a challenging ball pool at the bottom.

What was something new you learnt that day?

Alice: This was the first time I’d done something like this, and it was amazing.

Bronwyn: Some of the stuff I learn in rock climbing can be used for this activity. I liked all the obstacles in all the tunnels I explored. I like to challenge myself and would try to beat my times every time I would complete a tunnel.

Alice and her mom, Emily

What do you think the attraction can improve on?

Alice: I think they can improve on making some tunnels bigger and more realistic, but other than that, it was an awesome place to go.

Bronwyn: The shoe-slippers made the caves slippery. Maybe rock climbing shoes would be better? Also, having different kinds of lights and sounds in each cave to make some of them scarier and spookier.

Would you recommend that your friends come here?

Alice: I would definitely recommend that my friends go there with their families!

Bronwyn: I will definitely come back here with my friends. First thing tomorrow I am going to tell all my friends about how much fun I had!

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