Camp by the Simatai Great Wall with the kids this summer!

Time Out Family X Beijing WTown sorts out summer for your family

Photo: Beijing WTown
Time Out Beijing Family and Beijing WTown are collaborating in a big way this summer with two Family Camps – divided by age group – just for Time Out families.

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For those unfamiliar with Beijing WTown, it is a water town fashioned after the famous ones in China’s South. Think of it as an oriental Venice, but just a two-hour drive away from Beijing.

The town is an immersive cultural experience. Wander along its narrow hutongs, past Qing Dynasty-style buildings and grand plazas while feasting on traditional snacks or making crafts such as kite-making. At almost every turn, you can see its other star attraction, the Simatai Great Wall in the background.

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It’s normally a bit far from Beijing proper, but with Time Out Beijing Family X Beijing WTown’s Family Camps line-up of activities, there’s now a fantastic reason to bring the family up.

We have curated 3-day-2-night packages for two age groups: kids 5 to 9 and 10 to 15 with age-appropriate activities. Both packages include suite rooms, daily breakfast as well as its barbecue and movie nights.

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Family Camp 1: Kids 5 to 9

For younger children, the activities revolve around:

Arts & Craft: Kids have a go at creating traditional crafts such as paper cuttings and even constructing their own mini-Wall.

Pool Party: Parents and children get to beat the heat with a pool party with water gun battles and performances pool-side

Create & Explore: Kids get to make their own lanterns and then led to explore WTown by lantern-light.

Wall Life: Guided tours to the Great Wall where children will be taught how to recognise the plant life in the area, the history of the Wall and later draw their own version of the Wall

Starry Night: With little light, the area is the best place for kids to learn from guides about the various constellations in the night sky.

During our Time Out Family collaboration from June 29 to August 31, prices for one adult and one child start from 2,508RMB. Book here.

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Family Camp 2: kids 10-15

The camp for older kids is a lot more physical and includes:

Ancient Games: The kids get to project Legolas and try their at archery and touhu – a traditional game of pitching arrows into pots.

Great Wall Explorer: Kids are led to the Wall and besides learning about its history, they will also play traditional games, all in the shadow of the Great Wall.

Cooking Class: Children will be taught how to make sushi, and get to eat their creations too!

Bowling competition: Competitive kids will love pitting their skills knocking down pins and for those who don’t know how, basic bowling skills will be taught.

Starry night: The kids will be taken to scan at the night sky and spot the constellations.

During our Time Out Family collaboration from June 29 to August 31, prices for 1 adult and 1 child start from 2,538RMB. Book the promo here.

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Glamping for older kids

You might also want to forsake the usual hotel rooms and bond with your teenager, sleeping in one of the lux tents in the Glamping by the Wall package that starts from June 1.

The 2-day-1 night package includes:

Plush accommodation in a tent;
Barbecue dinner and movie night for two;
Guided cycling tour to the Great Wall;
Beijing WTown admission for two;
Yoga on The Wall session held at sunrise.

The two-day package is priced at 1,099RMB for weekdays and 1,199RMB for weekends and is only available until September 15. Book here.

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These packages are but just a few of the events Time Out Family and Beijing Wtown have curated. There’s also a riotous pool party and a night market carnival in the works. Stay tuned for more details as well as competitions to win free packages!

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