How to get a Chinese driving licence

Find out how to get a driving licence as an expat in Beijing

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Here is our guide to getting a Chinese driving licence in Beijing.

Do I need to get a Chinese licence?

You must have a Chinese driving licence in order to drive in China. If you already have a driving licence in your own country, you just need to do an online test.

What you need
Download an application form from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau website at You’ll also need to submit your foreign driving licence with a Chinese translation, plus an original health certificate issued by a hospital of county level. See the website for the full list of documents.

What to do next
Apply to Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and book a place on a theory test. Once you’ve passed, MVA will issue the licence within five business days.

Need help?
Companies such as Beijing Expat Service Center ( can help you with the administrative process.

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