6 fantastic play-in fountains for kids in Beijing

Keep active while keeping cool at these play areas around town

Photo: Uncle Zho
It's hot⁠ – and not the attractive kind. And while a good swim is a great way to be rid of that muggy heat, it can sometimes be a tedious task preparing the kids for the pool. So instead of escaping the heat hiding out in malls or in the comforts of an air-conditioned space, pack some extra clothes or a swimsuit for the kids and let them have a short splash around some of Beijing's run-in fountains around town. Best of all? They're (mostly) free!

Cool Rabbit Kids' Expanding World

For 30RMB (one parent and child), spend the whole day at this outdoor kiddie paradise and explore its various climbing facilities, slides, swings, sand and water areas. And once the heat's unbearable, cool off at its play-in fountains. Stay cool, kids.

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Lanyichang Lu (Haidian, Haidian)


Get ready to get wet at Sanlitun's play-in fountain, and do it soon while there are no kiosks or displays putting a temporary stop to them. These water fountains are located right by the Apple store.

Shine Hills

Shine Hills

For those in Shunyi, splash around at Shine Hill's play-in fountain, located near Haagen Daz and the huge Let's Go play gym. 

WF Central

In addition to boasting a line-up of some of the world's top luxury brands, Wangfujing's high-end mall also has a gorgeous outdoor space for kids to frolic and play both on the (artificial) grass and the play-in fountains before or after dining in one of the surrounding kid-friendly restaurants.

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269 Wangfujing Dajie (Wangfujing, Dongcheng)

Huaxi Live

Watch out for this iconic lifestyle centre's, play-in fountain right by its entrance, where kids can splash about to their heart's delight. That's just a small part of the lifestyle complex however, which is also home to some popular brands such as Adidas and (a smaller) Ikea and some dining, shopping and entertainment establishments.

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Fuxing Lu (Shunyi)

Soho New Town Soho现代城

This older SOHO complex also has its own run-in fountain for kids to play in, perfect to splash around in or to just pretend it's another rainy day. 

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88 Jianguomen Lu

Worth a mention

Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park

You won't think catch-the-droplets can be fun until you see the kids doing it at Solana's small water area. Watch the kids position their cups right below the falling droplets, fully concentrated and determined to catch that water. Much more fun than we expected!

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6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu (Changping)

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