House of Knowledge Xinglong Campus (好思之家学校及幼儿园)

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Since 2007, House of Knowledge (HoK) has grown to include an elementary school and three kindergartens, educating 260 children from more than 10 countries. Early Year learners follow International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) which has been extensively recognized around the world. IEYC is a research based curriculum focused on the social, emotional and cognitive development needs of children age 2-5. It maintains the Reggio Emilia philosophy of child-centered and personalized learning. In the pursuit of creating a rigorous elementary curriculum for internationally minded students, HoK adopted the highly regarded International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC is a comprehensive thematic curriculum with emphasis placed on meeting students at their academic and developmental level. At HoK, we prepare students for this world of constant change and aim to help them develop the personality traits they need to succeed in the 21st century.

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Basic information (Click here for their Shunyi campus and their Chaoyang Park campus)

Founding year: 2007
Age range: 18 month to 11 years old
Grades offered: Nursery to Grade 6
Curriculum: International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) for Early Years; International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Cambridge English and Chinese National Curriculum for Elementary
Primary teaching language: English, Chinese, German
Accredited by the Ministry of Education: Yes
License: Yes
Accreditation/associations: IEYC, IPC

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Fees & student information
Tuition fees (2018-2019 Academic Year): 100,320RMB-177,200RMB
Lunch fees: 780RMB/month
Number of students: 260 (total of three schools)
Nationality of students: US, Germany, UK, Denmark and China
Average class size: 16 for Nursery, 20 for Pre-K to Elementary
Average teacher/student ratio: 1:4 (Nursery), 1:5 (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
Foreign passport holders accepted? Yes
Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Campus information
Total area in (in square metres) 5,000

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Campus facilities:
Smartboards, dedicated art rooms, kids’ kitchen, libraries, multi-level classrooms, swimming pool, indoor gym, outdoor playgrounds, air filtering equipment, under-floor heating and in-house chef
Venue name: House of Knowledge Xinglong Campus (好思之家学校及幼儿园)
Opening hours: Please call to inquire
Mobile: 400 650 7747
English address: Building A 8 Xinglongzhuang Chaoyanglu Chaoyang district
Chinese address: 好思之家兴隆校区 朝阳区朝阳路辅路兴隆庄甲8号A座
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