Hidden hutongs: Beiluoguxiang

There's much more to offer than just the Drum and Bell towers

From mystery restaurants to Parisian artefacts, the area north of Nanluoguxiang has much, much more to offer than just the Drum and Bell towers.

Kaffa Café

Located well away from the busier parts of the Beiluoguxiang/Baochao Hutong area,this cosy coffee emporium is offering lessons in how to get barista-level results from your espresso machine.
Kaffa Café 21 Guowang Hutong, Dongcheng district. Open 9am-9pm daily. (8404 8779). 东城区国旺胡同21号



If we had an award for ‘most adorable new shop'-and lordy, we wish we did-then Paris-Pekin would be stepping up to collect it with an entourage of cartoon birds and deer.This tiny little store offers all manner of Francophilic goodies, including antique postcards, cutlery and vases.
Paris-Pekin 85 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng district. Open 11am-10pm daily. (6402 5194). 东城区宝钞胡同85号

Mr Shi's Dumplings

If the signs outside are any guide, Mr Shi certainly seems to be proud of his dumplings. Well, he has reason to be: the fare at this modestly sized restaurant, which includes pork, shrimp and vegetarian dumplings, is excellent.
Mr Shi's Dumplings 74 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng district. Open 10.30am-10.30pm daily. (8405 0399). 东城区宝钞胡同74号
  • 4 out of 5 stars