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WATCH: Amazing timelapse video of Beijing fireworks

Beijing photographers capture Lantern Festival's firework insanity

Credit: Tom van Dillen
During Monday night's Lantern Festival, two amateur photographers took to the streets to record the firework extravaganza that takes place every year.


Traditionally, Lantern Festival, which falls 15 days after Chinese New Year's Eve, marks the end of the Spring Festival celebrations. It's also the last night you can legally set off fireworks in the city – which is why the whole town goes bananas as people get rid of their multicoloured arsenal.


Tom van Dillen and Chas Pope, two long-term Beijingers and keen photographers, knew this when they 'Decided to precariously strap a pricey camera to the roof of a car speeding its way through the explosions,' says van Dillen, a management consultant.

Van Dillen setting up a shot on Monday night.

The resulting timelapse video is a great little window into the colourful insanity. Watch it below.

You can also see more photos from the night on van Dillen's Flikr account. Can't get enough sped-up fireworks? Check out this other video van Dillen made on Chinese New Year's Eve this year, taken from a room on the 64th floor of the China World Summit Wing [VPNs on].

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