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The Tiki Bungalow, Rager Pie and Mas to all close

Blame it on the bricks

It is with profound sadness, anger and the drying of rum-flavoured tears with the corner of a Hawaiian shirt that The Tiki Bungalow has shuttered its doors, and with its demise takes with it some of the best bloody drinks in Beijing.

tiki b
Time Out Beijing 4 Tiki Bungalow 4eva.

Under these trying, cocktail-umbrella bereft circumstances, it seems only appropriate to don a hibiscus-patterned black armband and eulogise for what was and forever shall be one of our favourite drinking holes.

Proof our tears are genuine: this delicious tiki drink.

The short but vibrant life of Tiki Bungalow, glowing as it did like the neon buzz of a retro bar sign in the night, will surely pass into drunkards' legend. We, as a collective and vaguely pickled group of lei-draped, vitamin-D deprived fans, sought it out for all occasions, mainly on the basis that it walked the limbo line between quirky and quality with ease. First date? Perfect! Drowning sorrows, like the kind of idiot who goes on a banana boat when they can't swim? Even more perfect!

Tikki_01HQ We might never be able to drunkenly harrass this man again.

That Tiki's passing comes now and at the callous hands of outside forces seems particularly cruel considering that they only just opened their extended premises, resplendent with more shipwrecked clutter than you could shake a straw at.

iguana room
Iguana Room, we hardly knew ye.

The sleazily-monikered Iguana Room had sorted out the only real issue with Bungalow (beyond the fact that it was impossible to leave with all faculties intact) by making it a whole lot bigger, meaning that even Friday and Saturday nights could be made easily tiki-tastic.

drinkl 2
More proof: this f**king delicious tiki drink.

Andingmen may be looking a lot less colourful than it did yesterday, but we wouldn't go burning your Panama hat in protest just yet. The nutters-in-command of the place, although currently mourning the loss of their coconut-scented gem, have promised us that they'll be looking for new premises to beachify so that they can return, with even more good vibes and high-proof booze than before.

Tiki Bungalow is dead. Long live Tiki Bungalow.

You may have already heard that hutong favourite Mas is also being bricked up after Sunday (30 May), which means an even greater rum shortage in the area. Man, it's been a bad week for tropical cocktails. The owners are leaving Beijing, so if you want to get those fish tacos one last time, you'd better head down there this weekend.

Bye, Mas. Bye, image of owner Ros we trot out every time we mention Mas.

Likewise, quality pie purveyor Rager Pie is also closing. As a pecan-sweet balm to make the whole sloppy process a bit easier, the guys are offering 15 percent off everything from today until they close on May 6.


Can you just stop this brick nonsense now, Beijing? Thanks.

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