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Beloved Slow Boat location to close

But at least there'll be a massive closing party with 5RMB pints

Dry your eyes, craft beer fans: Slow Boat is closing its Dongsibatiao location, because bricks. Damn. This is yet another tough one to swallow. Starting to develop a really visceral hate for baked clay.

Slow Boat make the reasons clear in an official statement.

'Well folks, five years after we opened the Slow Boat Taproom on Dongsibatiao, we have received notice that the architecture above us is in violation and will be removed. This has nothing to do with us. Our business and operating licenses were renewed less than one month ago. For those that don’t know, this is part of the 开墙打洞 campaign and there are three stages: 1) correct architectural violations, 2) brick up entrances / doors in violation, and lastly 3) buy back the land so it can be renovated and resold.'

Awesome image though, guys.

The Slow Boat team don't know exactly when they will be forced to close, or if they will be able to reopen.

'When renovation starts our beloved taproom will be closed. We are not certain how long. In fact, we’re not sure if we will be able to reopen. Only time will tell. Still, we are forced to plan for the worst.'


'After five years the place was doing better than ever. It's a real shame what they're doing,' Slow Boat co-owner Chandler Jurinka told Time Out.

The last day of full food service will be Friday 19. On Saturday 20, Slow Boat will be celebrating the taproom with an epic-sounding closing party, with 5RMB pints of Monkey's Fist IPA. Whoa. See you there – we'll be going down with this ship.
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