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Dry your tears, The Tiki Bungalow is making a comeback

Finally some good news for all you tropical tankers out there

Bad news has been raining down on bar-crawling Beijingers like a tonne of bricks over the past few weeks. Far too many of our favourite institutions, from Mas to Rager Pies to Sanlitun bar street, have fallen victim to the spate of brickings that have been bulldozing our fair city.

Tropical drinking without the Bungalow is much less photogenic.

One of the most painful places to say goodbye to was The Tiki Bungalow, which had only just expanded by adding the swanky, Heffner-esque Iguana Room.

tiki cocktail
Soon, we will meet again.

But according to an announcement made earlier today in a WeChat group of Tiki fans, the Bungalow will be rising from the ashes like a golden phoenix (or toucan?). The exact location hasn't been confirmed yet, but it won't be too far from the original site. Co-owner Oliver Davies tells us, 'We want to open as soon as possible because the summer is a great time for Tiki in Beijing', giving an estimated timescale of about a month.

The recently opened and closed Iguana Room (RIP).

The new Tiki will be 'in the style of the Iguana Room' with a longer bar. The total space is 'sadly not as big as Bungalow [and] Iguana Room, [but] it will be significantly bigger than Tiki before we expanded with Iguana, so should [still] be plenty of space for larger and smaller groups.'

We're not sure who will be ultimately victorious in this battle between booze and bricks, but it's good to know that on this occasion the hutongs are fighting back.

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