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Chinese airlines lift ban on using smartphones during flights

Laptops, e-books and iPads can also all be used during your next flight

Starting today (Jan 18), China Eastern and Hainan airlines are allowing passengers to use their smartphones throughout entire flights. That's right taxi, take-off and landing. Other small-size portable electronic devices have also been given the all-clear, such as laptops, iPads and e-books.

Despite the shift, all devices must still be in flight mode, which means passengers are only able to use in-flight WiFi services or play already downloaded games and videos, according to SHINE. Making phone calls in the air is still strictly prohibited, and flouting the rules can mean a fine of up to 50,000RMB (certainly the most expensive phone call you'll ever make). Furthermore, all radio transmitting equipment (remote-control toys and intercoms) are also not welcome onboard; but who's complaining when you can scroll through your WeChat feed thousands of miles in the air?

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