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How to make in-app WeChat selfie stickers

Have we entered into an era of peak WeChat?

Images: Adam Hopkins via WeChat
We know there were ways of doing it before, but making your own WeChat stickers just got a whole lot easier thanks to WeChat's latest update. Get ready for loads of unflattering, unwanted gifs of your friends' faces popping up on your phone screen...

Click on the add custom sticker icon in the top left of your stickers tab.

Thanks to the app's latest update that was released at the end of last month (search WeChat in your app store and update it manually if yours hasn't done so automatically) you can now quickly and easily make and save your own custom 'Selfie Stickers' using your phone's camera.

Similar to taking a SnapChat or recording an Instagram story, hold down the record button in the centre of your screen for a max of five seconds to capture your sticker.

Capture all your enthusiasm about working through Golden Week.

Once you've recorded, you have the option to edit your sticker, either by adding a caption, removing the background, speeding it up or pasting another sticker over the top of it.

Did we do it right?

When you're happy with your creation, tap the green tick button and your sticker will be added to your collection and become ready to be shared with the world. It's rather worryingly, as simple as that...

You can also use your main camera to make non-selfie stickers in WeChat and create stickers from images already on your camera roll.

And, in perhaps equally as exciting news, the update also allows you to long-press on the screen to add a new line into your message:


By Adam Hopkins

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